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Welcome to MadMan's Homepage. If you are viewing this page in a frame, with another frame to the left with a couple of buttons and a frame at the top with my logo, you are viewing the page as intended. If not, click here (unless your browser doesn't support frames). There is not really a theme to this website, just a couple of topics that have my interest. 


There's a story here about a fertilizer complex, trying to explain some of the plants you can find there in general, with a lot of pictures of a particular site that has been shut down permanently in December 2000. You will also find an impression of this final shut down and the demolition of some of the plants afterwards. 


Secondly there's a part dedicated to the hobby of all hobbies: Gliding! There is still a lot to be done here but you can find a report on the Euroglide 2002, a great gliding contest of 11 days over 2200 km in Europe. 


Another part is about Amateur Radio, or HAM-radio. Although I am a licensed ham for quite a long time, I have just recently become active again after a break of seven years.


I also added a news page where you can read about the (scarce!) updates of this sites.


You can navigate via the buttons in the frame to the left, the pictures above or the table of contents below.


Have fun!






Ammonia and Fertilizer

How to make Ammonia

How to make Urea

How to make Nitric Acid

How to make CAN or Calcium Ammonia Nitrate

The End of a Great Fertilizer Site

The Aftermath or The Decay of a Great Fertilizer Site 



Start page

Euroglide 2002

Loudun 2003 & 2005

My Nimbus


HAM radio

PE1IKX home page

144 MHz Propagation Overview






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